Improving data quality - delivering rapid cost savings, while improving quality of care

Products and Services

FHIR Transform Engine

Interfacing to FHIR is now an urgent priority for healthcare integration. The FHIR Transform Engine (FTE) is the fastest and most reliable way to do it. By using mappings rather than procedural code, you can save time, and get more accurate and maintainable results.

Smart+Search NHS Number Lookup

With increasing integration between healthcare applications in the UK, high NHS number coverage in applications is needed for efficiency and patient safety. Smart+Search Intelligent NHS Number lookup is the most cost-effective way to get high NHS number coverage, without expensive manual effort.

Green CDA

The HL7 Clinical Document Architecture (CDA) is widely used to interface healthcare systems. But it is technically complex. Building CDA interfaces requires specialist skills, adding costs and delays to projects. Green CDA is a much simpler XML form, easier to interface, transformable to and from full CDA. We supply reliable, maintainable Green CDA transforms for use in healthcare interfacing projects.

Data Quality Review

Improving data quality can deliver rapid cost savings, while improving quality of care – but first you must discover which data quality problems are important, and how they arise. Our Data Quality Review is a fast and cost-effective way to do this, using powerful and flexible tools for data exploration and quality assessment.