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Green CDA

The Clinical Document Architecture (CDA) is widely used for interfacing healthcare systems. It is required by national programmes in the US, UK and elsewhere.

But CDA is technically complex. Projects get bogged down implementing CDA, missing deadlines and adding costs. To cut the costs of CDA interfacing, HL7 endorses the use of Green CDA - a simpler 'vanilla' XML, easier to interface to systems, which can be transformed to and from full CDA for full HL7 interoperability.

Green CDA messages are typically three times smaller than the full CDA, for coded data. They do not have the deep nesting and fixed values of full CDA. Developers look at Green CDA and say "Yeah, I can do that."

But there is a catch. The transforms to take Green CDA to full CDA do a lot of work, and they must be 100% reliable and maintainable. We have developed the only tools available which can define a Green CDA directly, then automatically generate reliable transforms to the full CDA - leaving no room for error in the transforms.

In the UK, the NHS are using our tools to define Green CDAs for the National Interoperability Toolkit (ITK)

For fixed annual license fees, we supply Green CDAs and transforms which will slash your project costs, while delivering full CDA Interoperabiity.

Transforms can be flexibly deployed via XSLT or on a Java runtime engine.

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