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Our mission is to improve data integration and data quality, in health, social care and other sectors. We use advanced model-based mapping tools, to integrate systems faster, at lower cost, and more reliably.

FHIR Transform Engine: with the adoption of FHIR for healthcare integration, there is an urgent need to transform data from local or legacy data formats to FHIR. Our FHIR Transform Engine is the most efficient way to do this. By creating transforms from declarative mappings, the process is faster, more accurate and easier to maintain.

Efficient NHS Number Lookup: It is legally required to use the patient's NHS number as the unique identifier for healthcare communications and applications. But many healthcare applications have poor coverage of patient NHS numbers, and improving their coverage requires a lot of manual effort.

Smart+Search Intelligent NHS Number lookup enables you to rapidly increase NHS number coverage of any application, without expensive manual data cleansing.