Download Open Source Eclipse-based tool set for mapping, HL7 message simplification, and transformation


Model-based mapping and transformation tools

Our model-based mapping and transformation tools, applicable in any domain and with facilities for HL7 mapping and message simplification, can be downloaded here

The tools are a set of Eclipse plugins, which require an installation of the current Eclipse Modelling Edition, and are then installed in the usual Eclipse fashion. Brief installation instructions are here.

User documentation for the tools is contained in extensive Eclipse online help files, which are in the tools download. An introductory guided tour of the tools can be started by installing an Eclipse project, obtainable here.

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Two further components are not part of the Open Source Mapping toolkit, but are each available as Eclipse plugins for an annual licence fee. These are:

  1. Tools to generate XSLT versions of the generated transforms
  2. Tools for fast bulk data matching and de-duplication

For further Information about licensing terms Contact us

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