Transforms By Example - delivering high quality data transforms for less cost

Transforms By Example

Transforms By Example (TBE) is a radically new way of developing data transforms. It can dramatically reduce the costs of data integration, while improving quality and maintainability of data transforms.

To integrate different IT applications, a major challenge is one of data transformation - transforming data from one application's internal format to another, while preserving its meaning. Traditionally, this has been done either by coding, or by using mapping tools. The costs are high.

With Transforms By Example, you do not code or make mappings. You simply construct a small set of good examples of the transform you require - the source, and the target the transform is required to produce. Then, the TBE tools generate the transform software, and run tests automatically

By cutting out most of the design and coding of transform software, TBE dramatically reduces costs, and improves reusability. You can also reverse-engineer legacy data transform software into the open, maintainable form of TBE.

The TBE approach can be applied in any application domain. There are special extensions to the TBE tools for the domain of healthcare

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