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Extensive experience supplying highly cost-effective, highly reliable, healthcare interfaces

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Improving data quality - delivering cost savings, while improving quality of care

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Our mission is to improve data integration and data quality, in health, social care and other sectors. We use advanced model-based mapping tools, to integrate systems faster, at lower cost, and more reliably than others can.

The new healthcare integration standard FHIR is much easier to apply than the previous standards. It is now the first choice for many integration tasks. We use our Open Source Tools to enable any healthcare application as a FHIR server at very low cost.

Previous standards from HL7, such as Version 3 and CDA, are more complex and costly. With our HL7 Message Simplification tools, we remove the technical complexities of HL7, building HL7 and CDA interfaces at a fraction of the typical costs.

Private and public organisations have a duty to maintain high quality of the data they hold; and have strong business incentives to do so. But tools to manage data quality may be expensive and inflexible. We can help you conduct a cost-effective Data Quality Review leaving you with tools tailored to your own needs, to monitor and improve your data quality.